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Connect with the Zen tradition of tea culture. Discover the benefits of green tea from Japan to inspire calm and focus.

Benefits of Japanese Green Tea

Many Japanese consider green tea the secret for long life — an elixir rich in flavonoids, including the antioxidants theanine and catechin. Uncover the benefits of green tea from Japan and begin your journey to find a better mind.

The ancient art of brewing tea, perfected by Japanese masters over centuries, yields a more mindful way to practice living in the moment. Steeped in the Zen tradition, Japanese green tea inspires you to be present, to be mindful and to please all your senses with the wonder of simplicity from scent to flavor.

Find Mindfulness

The centuries-old method of producing Japanese green tea preserves more of the tea’s beneficial compounds, compared to other countries’ tea production techniques. Theanine, an amino acid more abundant in Japanese green tea, can counter the effects of caffeine, providing you a sense of clear concentration.

Find Focus

Soothe an anxious mind with the stress-relieving benefits of Japanese green tea. The green tea experience combines Zen — the feeling of connectedness and understanding — with the conscious state of being mindful in the moment. Simply taking time out from a hectic day to brew a cup can do wonders for your inner calm.

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Japanese Green Tea

The Authority on Green Tea

Japanese green tea has a deep heritage, with traditions rooted in the practices of Zen, mindfulness and relaxation. The tea offers distinct flavors along the umami scale — from an elegant bitterness to a sophisticated, earthy profile to a surprising sweetness with floral and citrus notes. Long-standing, strict agricultural standards for harvesting and steaming Japanese green tea ensure the highest possible quality.

Our specialty Green Teas

Cultivate your craft tea experience with one of our high-quality teas.

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